Microsoft does weblogging (and how to cut weblog posts)

Via a ton of other places (not least MetaFilter and Slashdot) comes the news that Microsoft have broken into the weblogging market with MSN Spaces.

{{cut}}According to the front page, the only feature that breaks out of the very standard weblogging format is the ability to upload pictures straight from a camera phone. I suspect, given how freely available other, better tools are, that this will end up being used as a photoblog if anything at all. But it’s interesting to see them try their hand at what has previously been a largely grassroots web movement.

Nokia, of course, also have Lifeblog, a piece of software that keeps track of multimedia objects you’ve collected on your branded mobile phone and will allow you to publish them to the web via Six Apart’s Typepad software. It seems that mobile phones are big news in blogging.

But the big question is – at least as far as systems like Elgg are concerned – can this sort of technology have a place in education or the workplace?

Meanwhile, some of you will be wondering how I split the text of this post up. Insert “[[cut]]” into the body of your post (replacing the angle brackets [[]] with curly brackets {{}}), and the system will do the rest.

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