Book Talk

Technorati is an interesting site for exploring what’s semi-ironically known as the Blogosphere; furthermore, it has tags for categorising weblogs, and an API so you can plug stuff into it.

Book Talk is an interesting application that picks out the books webloggers are talking about at the moment. Unsurprisingly, given his sad death recently, the list is dominated by Hunter S Thompson – when that dies down, I expect there’ll be a much wider range of titles. I’ll be interested to see if they follow the New York Times bestseller list, or if the Blogosphere is a more original collection of people. (Incidentally, they’ve also got News Talk, for news stories; to be honest, though, Google News is a far better current events aggregator.)

Cunningly enough, each of the books also has a link to Amazon which includes an affiliate code, so Technorati is making a percentage of everything you buy if you click through. One to file under “I wish I’d thought of that”, methinks.

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