Elgg, Ben, Dave, the future

After a small amount of tinkering, the Elgg Features community is back online. As am I, after a short hiatus in a wooden house on the water with not so much as a telephone. As much as I love sailing and getting back to nature, it’s good to be back, and wonderful to see so many people using Elgg.net!

Elgg is growing up; it’s now been over a year since our second paper, {{file:179}}, was released into the wider community with such an impressive reception. There are going to be some changes over the next couple of months, and I encourage you to look out for them – they’re all positive, and yet another sign that Elgg is in no danger of disappearing. In fact, we’re growing and growing.

One of those changes is Dave Tosh’s imminent disappearance to Canada, where he’ll be Elgg’s North American representative. I’m sure many of you out there will see him over the coming months as he goes to conferences and visits learning technology departments at universities across the country. I’m remaining here in Europe; having been to Denmark in May, I’m preparing for EIfEL’s e-plugfest in October, and doing a lot of tinkering behind the scenes.

It’s been really exciting talking to all the new developers and potential system administrators recently; I’ve been spending a lot of time chatting to people all over the world about how best to adapt the software to their needs, and how to take it forward.

One thing we’ll be offering shortly is a hosted version of Elgg for you to try out, stored on one of our servers; this will allow people with less technical experience to try the software out and see how it fits into their needs. I think Dave will be making an announcement about that soon.






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