Monday progress report

Dave’s been doing a great job importing some cool themes and getting the software ready for internationalisation. Neither Dave nor I speak anything other than English, but we’ve got a development installation running in a delightful shade of Babelfish French. Once we’ve got the language choosing framework up and running we’ll make the gettext template file available and we should be on the road to creating a number of language packs.

At some point this week I also intend to write a friends-to-Dotty converter so I can create visual maps of the relationships within Elgg. My curiosity as to what the community would look like if the relationships were visualised has been getting at me for a while now, and I figure some of you might be curious to see how everyone relates.

Finally, after a quick discussion with Misja, I’m going to write a plug-in to allow users to provide optional location information from the user settings. This will allow for tools that will, for example, allow you to discover other users geographically close to you, adding a new dimension to search: if you were so inclined, you could look for everyone in the same city as you interested in 20th century literature. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so useful within a single physical institution, but in a wider landscape of users it might come in handy.

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