Thoughts on the next release

We’ve been playing with a rich-text editor for posting to weblogs etc lately, and although it more or less works, I’m not completely happy about its integration. It feels plunked-in rather than a contiguous part of the user interface, and that’s something I’d like to avoid where possible; a student using Elgg needs to feel like the user interface is consistent. We’re updating the menus for the upcoming release to be infinitely more user friendly, but I just don’t think the HTML editor cuts the mustard just yet. We may have to wait. (Do any Apcala users / system developers have any opinions on this?)

Gettext (which is required for internationalisation) has been part of the main system code for some time now; the problem is, we keep adding new features, so the dictionary is continually out of date. There will be a freeze soon, which will help things settle down. I’m tempted to say we can’t add any features or drastically change the look and feel after next Monday, after which we can focus entirely on tuning everything up to work beautifully.

Which it will. This will be a very major release. Elgg has improved in leaps and bounds, and considering the praise the system has already received I think this should be very good indeed.

Then it’s onto the next release, where the stub admin system from 0.3 will see massive expansion, we’ll integrate OpenID, and so on. It doesn’t stop – and we’re edging ever closer to 1.0 …






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