Application development in the rain

These rainy autumn (is it really autumn already?) days are really conducive to sitting down and doing some serious work – which is just as well, because I’ve had not a small amount to do. I’ve got these great overhead desk lights, and my room feels like a warm little refuge from the cold world outside. My iRiver is beside me, churning out music I love, and altogether it’s pretty pleasant. If you have to be in front of a computer on a Sunday, it might as well be like this.

In a moment I’ll go downstairs and make myself a cup of tea, possibly construct myself some pasta or something for lunch. If I’m bad I’ll nip round to the corner shop and brave the rain for a slice of cake or a pastry.

What are your office comforts? What keeps you working?

Oh, and here’s an {{file:1450}}, which should give you a better idea of the extent of the changes and improvements we’ve made.

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