A quick primer on Elgg (the name)

Light-hearted but timely:

What does Elgg stand for?

It stands for using existing, well-used Internet technologies in an educational setting instead of reinventing the wheel!

Oh, wait, you’re wanting to know if it’s an acronym? It’s not. Although if you can make it into one – E-Learning Groups Gateway? – I’d be interested to hear.

How do I write it?

It’s just a name, so Elgg. Not ELGG, not elgg; Elgg.

What does it mean?

Nothing. It’s sort of named after a village in Switzerland; not educationally related at all. But you remembered it, didn’t you? (And what does Moodle mean, after all?)

How do I pronounce it?

Elg. If you’re having trouble, try saying “elk” and softening the “k”. Please try and avoid “eldge” – it sounds like something you might find in a storm drain.

I hope this will help reduce some of the confusion I’ve been seeing on the Internet recently. In particular, there’s a movement afoot to have Elgg renamed “Learning Landscape”: but Elgg is not the learning landscape. It’s an example of a system that uses the learning landscape philosophy. I hope that clears things up …

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