Dave Tosh on the learning landscape

(This entry was live-blogged during Dave’s talk at ePortfolio 2005 in Cambridge.)

DSC02808Most people running eportfolio systems seemed to think they were social software – an interesting development! I’m not sure this would have been true this time last year, but as more people actually implement these systems and learn the problems and discover what engages their students, I think more people will come round to this idea. However, as it is, less than half of the audience had heard of RSS – we have work to do in order to share the knowledge of what’s going on in the wider web. Dave says “let’s learn from social practice” – if e-portfolios are social, we must adhere to this I think.

Dave sums it up: in the learning landscape you can make it do what you want it to do when you’re ready to make it happen, and you can do it in the way that’s best for you.

Some audio of him talking about the learning landscape: {{file:1744}}

Some video: {{file:1745}}

Questions: “There is so much ‘them’ and ‘us’” – what about the idea of a university? How can we flatten the landscape and all engage together?

A thought: e-portfolios are different from learning management systems.

Simon Grant: perhaps a critique of current social practice would be useful. He doesn’t think blogging will ever become a majority activity – I think I disagree, but it’s a useful to think about the vast majority of people who currently haven’t even heard of blogging, let alone use it. Regardless, however, Elgg is not a blogging system.

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