Teacher abuse

From BBC News Online:

A 15-year-old boy has been expelled from a Conwy school after posting obscene messages about a teacher on a Wild West re-enactment website.

The teacher targeted by the obscene messages is not a member of the National Union of Teachers.

However, the union said the incident showed that teachers now needed to be protected not merely from physical or verbal abuse, but also from new forms which developments in modern technology provided for those with a malicious turn of mind.

An odd spin on a bit of a non-story: people can send nasty messages to other people over the Internet. I think we’ve all known this for a while.

It does raise the question though – what happens if you give someone Internet skills at your institution and subsequently discover, while they are still a student, that they’ve been using them for less than admirable purposes? I think this is yet another argument for the teaching of ethics and common sense next to the technicalities of how to do something. I’d be very interested to find out how many people who provide Internet training also provide this secondary education.

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