Computer use

Sometimes it’s good to put the keyboard down and get away from the computer for a couple of days, particularly after some weeks of heavy use. As much as the digital world helps to bring people together and simplifies tasks that would otherwise be near-impossible, I often find myself wondering about the health impact of sitting in front of a VDU for so long. After a serious stint I’ll go flushed, often I’ll have a headache, I’ll find it difficult to concentrate – in fact, I’ll feel like I’ve come down with the flu. That can’t be completely healthy, can it?

I’ve previously told my friends – to their amazement, given my line of work – that if I have children I won’t let them have a TV or a computer in their bedrooms. I honestly think they’re distracting, and too much use really does do something funny to your head. But at the same time, obviously I think they’re useful and powerful tools that can really bring a lot of value to education and many other fields. As with everything else, it’s a question of using them responsibly – and part of that, for computing, is not using them for too long.

My weekend off has been worth it; my head is clearer and I’m ready to do more. My legs hurt (because I chose to walk around London all weekend), but a bit of exercise isn’t a bad thing.

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