Just call me an addict

I’ve got the view all posts screen set up as a permanent button on my browser’s link bar, and check it more often than is probably healthy. My excuse is that I’ve got to keep everything in healthy working order, which is reasonable, right? And you all say such interesting things. I love keeping up, although I’m not always able to read everything.

Anyway, if you want to do the same, all you have to do is drag this link: All Elgg posts onto your browser links bar. I can confirm that Elgg 0.4, out mid-January, will have bookmarklets that will allow you to add buttons for all kinds of useful things while you’re away from your Elgg site.

Tonight I’ll release 0.31, which contains a large number of bug fixes. There are one or two things left to do, but you can always get the latest version from the Subversion repository. We’ll be putting a web interface on that shortly, but Subversion clients are small and easy to download (assuming a certain level of technical ability, which you shouldn’t be installing software on web servers without anyway).

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