Elgg, not del.icio.us

If you’re interested, can hear me being briefly interviewed on WorldBridges as part of today’s EdTechTalk. Thanks again to Dave and Jeff for having me, and I promise to sound a little less nervous next time .

Listening back through the stream, I wanted to briefly set something straight. Just after my interview Elgg is mentioned in the context of del.icio.us as being another team building something in the hopes that we’ll get bought out – this is not our goal! Elgg does have a business model, which we’ll be talking about more once 0.4 is released later this week, but we currently have no plans to sell the system or related organisations. Not only would I have concerns about a parent company serving educators correctly, but I think it’s overall a very deficient model.

And with that, I return to my code editor. Oh, the life of an open source project leader …

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