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Steve O’Hear writes about Elgg in the Guardian:

The learner-centric approach and social networking aspect of Elgg make it very different from more traditional virtual learning environments (VLEs), which are usually structured around courses, timetables and assessment. “Whereas Elgg is learner-centred, the VLE systems tend to be centred around the requirements of an institution,” says Werdmuller.

Elgg offers learners more autonomy but is not intended to replace the VLE. “We think of it as more of an enhancement,” says Tosh.

(Steve has more commentary here.) Miles Berry has very kindly posted up his full interview for the article, which is a great perspective and case study of Elgg use in a school environment – definitely worth a read. Thanks to Miles and Terry Wassall for participating in the article, and of course to Steve for writing it! (Update:

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