Enhancing data interoperability

It’s very rare that I’ll find myself endorsing a Microsoft technology, but this may be genius:

And what of the promise beyond weblogs for feed-based publish and subscribe? Today’s user experience is certainly constraining what might be.

After thinking about this for a while … I had an idea .

The idea was based on using a simple and consistent user model to wire-the-web that would assist individuals in creating their own mesh of interconnections – both web-to-web and web-to-PC.

Simply stated, I’d like to extend the clipboard user model to the web.

Now, the jury’s still out on whether this will work or not – I think it depends on whether this becomes an open standard or whether there’s a certain amount of Microsoft platform buy-in. However, from this vantage point it’s looking good; borrowing from open source principles, there’s a mailing list you can join (see the bottom of the post) to influence development. The whole thing seems like a genuine effort to improve usage, and I’d love to get behind it. With both eyes open.

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