Elgg testing

Last week, very quietly so as to not attract attention, the architecturally redesigned version of Elgg slipped out onto Subversion. Since then there have been a number of updates; the code freeze is very much over, and we’re now at the point where I’d really like people to go and check out the code, test it and report back any bugs they find. This would hugely benefit the Elgg project and allow us to get the next stable version out to you as soon as possible. Installation instructions can be found in the mailing list archive here, and there are some developer and background notes. Please don’t use this code on a production site just yet.

The SVN address is, as always, elgg.net/devel/ – if you were keeping on top of previous updates, you may find that you’ll need to start a fresh repository rather than retrieve updates on the one you have. You’ll need a Subversion client to access the files until we make the release available on Eduforge. If you’re using Windows, TortoiseSVN is pretty good (this is what Dave and I use).

Meanwhile, Curverider’s first conference is beginning to shape out very nicely – we’ll be making announcements soonish about who’s going to be speaking and the arrangements. If you can make it to Edinburgh in September, particularly if you’re going to Alt-C, you’re not going to want to miss this. It promises to be very interesting indeed.

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