The easiest contribution

The other day I talked about investing in the Elgg project through contributing to the development community. There is also another, even simpler way, that requires no outlay or really even much of an effort. It’s this:

If you’re using Elgg, tell us.

We’re constantly hearing second hand about this or that organisation using Elgg for some purpose or other, often at conferences we’re not at or as part of investigations into different ways of doing things. The thing is, if we know who’s using it, that can help us design the system around our userbase; we can also help you network. If there are two organisations translating Elgg into Portuguese for two different reasons, and we know about you both, we’ll connect you up, and suddenly you have to do half the work. We benefit because we can give a more accurate total number of installations to people who ask, and you benefit because we can help you better.

Elgg now has an installation routine that executes on first run. I’m tempted to add an optional screen that contains a form so you can easily tell us about your project; this would in no way be required but would make it even easier for us to know what’s going on.

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