Knowing Knowledge, and releasing books online

George Siemens is about to release a book:

How we market, how we learn, how we build, how we collaborate – these are all changing. Most organizations are not prepared for the sea change washing ashore. We are conducting business in a manner that is no longer reflective of the market, or society as a whole.

Knowing Knowledge is an exploration of knowledge – what it is, how it is changing, and what it means to our organizations and society. Knowing Knowledge will be available for purchase (or download) by mid-September 2006.

There’s a blog for the book, and George intends to turn it into a kind of living document by placing it in a wiki.

The Internet is People was originally conceived as a book, and I still intend some of the ideas posted here to form the basis of a publication. It’s very interesting to see how web-orientated authors cope with the print medium, and George’s wiki move is a bold one. He’s not alone: Cory Doctorow has released all of his novels as free downloads to great success, for example.

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