The Curverider conference

Misja, Monkey, Cheesy PlugThanks to everyone who came to the conference event yesterday, as well as to Andy Pryde for videotaping everything and Meri Tosh for invaluable organisational help. I’d like to plug the community I set up for attendees again – click here to continue the discussion.

Couldn’t attend? Not to worry – we’re going to try and make the recordings available to view online as soon as possible, and I’m hoping that the speakers will make their presentation slides available to download. (Speakers: it’d be really handy if you could upload them to the community file repository, or post a link on the community blog.)

Thanks to Stan from the University of Brighton for my spiffy StudentCentral t-shirt (modelled here); Brighton are rolling out a campus-wide implementation of Elgg. We’re excited to see what they do with it.

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