In Search of the Valley: some prominent Internet people

Steve O’Hear emailed us earlier today to let us know that his movie, In Search of the Valley, has just been released on DVD.

From the write-up on Read/Write Web:

‘In Search of the Valley’ is a movie which tells the story of three friends’ personal journey in September of 2004 into the psyche of Silicon Valley. Steve and his pals spent one month visiting and talking to many of the valley’s luminaries, including Apple’s Steve Wozniak, Adobe’s John Warnock, and Craig Newmark of The film also features Apple alumni Guy Kawasaki, Sandy Miranda, Andy Hertzfeld, Dan Kottke, and the late Jef Raskin, as well as the computer pioneer Lee Felsenstein, Tim O’Reilly and Marc Canter.

I have my own opinions about the people involved, largely obtained through reading about them, and the prospect of getting under their skin a little more is very interesting. Certainly on the strength of the trailer below, I can’t wait to see it.

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