Just a reminder

In the Silicon Valley Web 2.0 scene, they host wild and raucous tech parties where Kevin Rose signs people’s chests and the cocktails flow all night long. Everyone gets a free T-shirt and somewhere, a Valleywag hack is on hand to post incriminating photos to Flickr.

In the South-East England E-Learning 2.0 scene, we pick a pub, decide to sit in it for seven hours or so and would like you to partake in a pint of real ale with us. I’ll have my camera on me, pictures will be uploaded to Flickr, but I’m assuming nothing too incriminating will occur and Dave and I will absolutely not sign your chests.

The Eagle and Child, St Giles, Oxford, 10th October 2006 from 4pm onwards. You know it makes sense.

Photo by xtrarant, licensed under CC by-nc-sa.






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