We’ve been looking at new offices for Curverider, but hadn’t quite reckoned on how painful the experience would be. Dave remarked that it’s like finding student digs, with exactly the same range of quality from both accommodation and landlords. One particularly memorable space we looked at yesterday was soaking wet, had mould running up one wall and smelled not unlike someone was trying to kill us with some kind of biological agent. Another one was great, aside from the asbestos in the walls and the spate of burglaries and vandalisms that had plagued the building – an impressive affliction, given this is Oxford.

Still, we think we’ve found a space that meets our needs; if all goes well, we’ll be moving in early in the new year. We’re particularly excited by the prospect of having spaces to hold workshops and training sessions, rather than having to hire outside offices – something we intend to make use of extensively.

Meanwhile, all this searching, plus the various conferences and programming jobs, has left me with a stinking cold and feeling a little beaten down. Nothing a whole load of tea and a battery of vitamins can’t fix, I guess – and a handy reminder that you need to take the time to look after yourself, no matter how well things are going.

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