Another site supports OpenID

As reported by my guilty pleasure blog Techcrunch, Technorati (the blog search engine) have announced support for OpenID. From the blog post:

Open ID provides one URL you can use to identify yourself at all participating sites around the web. You can handle the logistics yourself or you can pay any number of different vendors to register your ID and resolve requests for information about you.

The movement to spread Open ID aims to make our lives easier, our data more secure and help users avoid closed silos from big vendors throwing their weight around unfairly. Ongoing and meaningful support for the standard by Technorati is a big deal. Add this to the body of forward looking work, like microformats, that’s going on at Technorati.

Very shortly, Elgg will also support OpenID from both client and server ends. Those of you who were at the ePortfolio 2006 conference will have seen Kevin Jardine’s demo of Elgg-enabled OpenID in action; we’re arguably the most powerful OpenID server out there, with a number of specific enhancements that make the standard more powerful for both users and site administrators. There are also some ideas we’ve got on the drawing board that will enable a truly distributed collaborative environment with the standard as its backbone.

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