Elgg is an integrated Web 2.0 solution

George Siemens talks about Intel’s new SuiteTwo announcement:

However, in recent conversations with individuals beginning to adopt social software (or web 2.0 tools), the message is clear: “I’m not going to get students to set up 10 different accounts on 10 different tools – it won’t work”. I can respect that concern (though it’s really more about bringing different tools in at a measured pace). Intel is one of the first online with integrated suites of social software tools with SuiteTwo.

SuiteTwo is an interesting approach, and I’ll be interested to see it when it’s eventually released.

If you’re after an integrated solution using Web 2.0 approaches that you can pick up right now, you can always use Elgg or Elgg Spaces for free and take advantage of some of the most advanced Web 2.0 collaboration tools around. Blogging, podcasting, RSS, tagging and more. If you’re after a wiki, Elgg integrates with the leading wiki tool.

And if your users do happen to be using 10 different tools, using Elgg’s RSS and upcoming OpenID features, they can still pipe their content in and create a unified digital identity, while participating with all your users, no matter what tools they happen to be using to generate their content.

It’s free, stable, available now, has full commercial support (both for usage and customisation), and is used by many people worldwide.

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