What’s on your development wishlist?

Over at the Yahoo Developer Network, they’re asking members what’s on their wishlist for 2007. Some people are asking for better or limitless APIs; some are asking for how-to screencasts; others for free T-shirts. My request would be for a standard, open API developed in conjunction with the wider web community in order to turn it into a truly interchangable environment that operates more like the desktop software model. (But more on that later.)

In a similar vein, I have a number of questions for you to answer in your own blog. Call it a meme.

What’s on your Elgg wishlist for 2007?

My answer to this is obvious; see the roadmap. Ultimately, I want it to become an extensible, customisable framework for social networking applications both in and out of education. In doing so, I want to remain true to our roots and ideals (while recognising that this isn’t an act of charity).

Dave and I are also seriously talking about the next iteration of the main Elgg site, which will be a big improvement for anyone wanting to get involved with the development community. Making this as vibrant and collaborative as possible is my main goal for 2007.

What’s on your Web wishlist for 2007?

Perhaps because money is flowing again, the Web has actually stalled in terms of conceptual development of late. There are lots of cool sites out there, but that’s all they are: cool sites. Some of the most interesting ideas are coming out of the larger corporations, which don’t have to compete for vencap money; think Adobe’s Apollo Project, which blurs the barriers between the web and the desktop. Most smaller players have their minds set on becoming the next Youtube rather than thinking outside the box and creating something truly innovative.

The Web itself may turn into what a host of technologies, most recently Java, failed to be: the standard that unites people worldwide through a unified, but adaptable, interface. It’s not there yet, but things like OLPC bring it closer. The one thing that could really scupper it is legislation introduced by politicians who either don’t understand or actually fear it. This year net neutrality will play out; I hope the right decision is made.

What’s on your life wishlist for 2007?

I’m trying for a better balance this year, which should both benefit my personal and work lives. Unfortunately, Christmas has taken its toll, so I’ve also got a stone of weight to lose. And it’d perhaps be handy if my hair would stop slowly falling out …

What’s on your world wishlist for 2007?

Peace and tolerance. Hey, I can hope.

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