Elgg documentation

We’ve been spending all day populating the shiny new Elgg documentation page over on Elgg.org. This is a MediaWiki integration, which represents one of the wiki choices available to Elgg users. The other one is Nathan Garrett’s wiki plugin, which we’re going to roll out site-wide over here at Elgg.net.

Because it’s integrated, anyone who’s logged into Elgg.org (and has opted to be remembered by ticking the checkbox) can edit any page on the wiki. We’re hoping that the community will get involved. This isn’t just about technical docs – you’ll notice there’s a empty section called How do I ..? which is intended for simple tutorials. Is there anything you’ve found difficult in Elgg that you’d like to explain to other people? Sign up, log in, and let loose. Text too constricting? Feel free to embed a video.

However, we’re being comprehensive here, so there are also technical documents over in the development section. As much as I’d like to direct all the programmers among you straight to the coding wishlist, there’s an API documentation section including a draft specification Kevin Jardine’s drawn up that we’d appreciate comments on. You can see that here.

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