Explode! exploded

Steve O’Hear featured Explode in his excellent Social Web blog last night, Techcrunch followed, and our user figures are rocketing. It’s very gratifying to see, although humbling that after three years of working on an open source social networking framework with all the trimmings, something this simple immediately eclipses it in publicity and popularity. There is a lesson here for all startups, and one I’ll expand on in greater detail at a later date. For now, know that we’re adding an API, expanding on the featureset (in fact, that’s happening right this second), and celebrating with a second cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, we’ve got a number of things in the pipeline for Elgg; Elgg Spaces should see some action shortly, and in particular we’ve got developments coming along for the University of Brighton’s Community @ Brighton. But don’t think we’ve left you out over here at Elgg.net – if my plans work out, we should have something for you here too in the next couple of days.

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