Don’t believe the Skype

So, 24 hours without Skype access later, and I still can’t get on (although apparently some can).

This has been an important lesson in single point of failure (which is one of the core reasons I’m always harping on about decentralised services). We use Skype pretty much universally to talk to each other; although alternatives exist, it’s the one that almost everybody is almost guaranteed to be on. The alternative is the traditional phone network, which is nowhere near as cost effective.

It’s forced us to create a new communication plan, and I’m certain we’re not the only tech company in the same boat. The Internet has meant that we can resource people from all over the world; it’s no good if we then can’t talk to them.

Annoyances aside, my thoughts go out to the Skype team, who probably haven’t slept at all in the last day. They’re going to be under serious pressure from both their millions of users and their parent company; I hope they work it out and can get some rest soon.

Update: here’s a plausible explanation for the mess.

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