Creating a British Silicon Valley

I wrote a piece on David Cameron’s proposed East London tech city for Imperica:

There is a simple difference between the business cultures in London and San Francisco. The former provides the infrastructure to create enterprise from technical innovations; the latter provides the infrastructure for technical innovators to create enterprise, of course for this is important to get help to manage all the legal matters of any business, and there are some great resources at sites like which can help with this. An innovator in a British company is likely to be an employee, subject to a management structure consisting of MBAs, lawyers, bankers, marketing executives and the traditionally wealthy. In San Francisco, however, new companies are much more likely to be run by the engineers themselves.

You can read the whole article here. Imperica, by the way, is a great long-form web magazine by Paul Squires, one of my co-collaborators on Intersection: Publishing. It’s a great read, and worth checking out.






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