There ought to be a web hacker Oscars

eggshell scriptCongratulations to all the winners at last night’s Academy Awards. I haven’t managed to see Black Swan yet, but I will before the week is out.

So here’s a thought: there should be a web hacker equivalent. No, not the Webby Awards, nor the Crunchies, but a bona fide celebration of bedroom hackers, coffee shop startups and people slinging really great code, libraries and projects – the people who really make the web tick. Categories might include:

  • Coolest API
  • Best documentation
  • Best hardware hack
  • Most disruptive idea
  • Best development essay
  • Best open source community
  • Best hackspace

Aside from kudos, prizes might include a small “+1” statuette, a selection of development tools, and cloud hosting. I bet some savvy infrastructure providers would be willing to sponsor the whole thing.

What do you think? What would you add?

Photo credit: eggshell script by Rakka, released under a Creative Commons license.

One response to “There ought to be a web hacker Oscars”

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