Agit props

My talented friend Michael Goldrei designed the icon set for Agit, a Git client for Android by Roberto Tyley. Git has become the creative geek’s source control system of choice, and having a native Android client is a great thing. (Source control allows the source code for an application to be managed in a way that prevents developers from overwriting each other’s changes, or from making irreversible, catastrophic mistakes that destroy everything. It’s pretty much crucial in modern software development.)

If you’ve got an Android device, you can grab Agit from the Android Market over here.

Roberto actually fixed Android’s zlib implementation in the process; the patch he submitted is now running on some of the newer Honeycomb tablets. He’s also designed the app to share SSH connection information in a pool with other compatible apps – something that would be completely impossible on iOS. I’m looking forward to seeing more developer tools in this vein.

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