Could Lion Server herald a new breed of enterprise apps?

Together with today’s Mac OS X Lion release, Apple also released a set of server extensions in the App Store for $49. To run Lion Server on your machine, you make sure you’re running Lion (available from the App Store for $29), and then buy the server upgrade. Like all of their new offerings, this is for less-technical prosumers rather than professionals – so while the hardcore technical set will complain about lack of features (as they’ve done with Final Cut Pro X), consumers can run an easy-to-use mail, file, web and wiki server via the app store.

The ability to install other networked apps via the App Store could change enterprise networks forever. Imagine installing a social networking platform, a Virtual Learning Environment or a conference call bridge via one click in the app store, and configuring it via a visual wizard. Not necessary in sysadmin-equipped environments, but in SMEs and even homes? Huge.

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