Elgg 1.8 has left the building

Congratulations to Brett, Cash, Evan and the Elgg community on the release of Elgg 1.8.0. I know that a lot of hard work has gone into this release, and it’s the first major departure from the architecture that was set out in Elgg 1.0 almost exactly three years ago.

One of the real benefits of releasing the product under an open source license – something I consistently fought for throughout my involvement in the project – is that it can keep going beyond its original team or sponsoring company. I’m really impressed with what Brett has done to turbo-boost the community. He’s a super-smart guy, the community is thriving, and I’m looking forward to building sites on the revised platform.

One response to “Elgg 1.8 has left the building”

  1. Although there are quite a few changes in Elgg 1.8, I think that the core team has left the basic architecture in place. Indeed many of the changes have been to streamline the API and to remove warts and inconsistencies in order to better let the original architecture shine through. I think that both you and Marcus (as well as Pete and Dave) deserve a lot of credit for designing a solid bit of software and I look forward to seeing even more Elgg sites in the future!

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