Day two at TechCrunch Disrupt

With all of the inside baseball politics surrounding TechCrunch lately, what I hadn’t had time to consider was that Disrupt would turn out to be the most high energy, intensively productive conference I’ve attended for a really long time. It certainly helps that I’m here representing a product that wows people in thirty seconds flat – but a lot has to do with the format and organization of the event. TechCrunch waived our fees because they felt we had a disruptive service, so thank you to them for having us. It’s been a lot of fun meeting other startups and seeing demos both on the conference floor and in the Startup Battlefield.

I’ll be back again tomorrow. If you’d like to meet up, or want to see latakoo in action (either at Disrupt or elsewhere), send me a message, or call me directly on (312) 488 9373.


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