ElggCamp San Francisco

Evolution of the Elgg logoA long time (almost three years) ago now, I worked on an open source project called Elgg, which I also co-founded. It was vastly more popular than we had anticipated – from a small start in education, the community pulled it in all kinds of amazing directions – but after almost six years working on it, I decided to move onto other things. It’s currently being run by Brett Profitt, who I have a lot of respect for. Elgg is still widely used as a social platform for niche communities, social intranets, learning platforms and all kinds of things, not least because the community continues to inject it with new life (and new features).

When Brett let me know about ElggCamp San Francisco, I was delighted. It looks great: the attendee list is already impressive, and tickets are cheap – possibly the best-value event about online communities you’ll attend in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, both in terms of price and the professional experience that’ll be under one roof. I’m looking forward to both the talks and the networking afterwards, and if Brett and co are half as professional as they have been with managing Elgg itself, it will be a great day. Buy tickets here.

Meanwhile, latakoo, my current company, is making video management dramatically easier. We’ll be at SXSW Interactive. Find us on Stand 308 at the trade show next week, or book some office hours to talk to me one-on-one.

Elgg logo credits: the top two were by me, the learning landscape logo was by Sonia Virdi, and the bottom was by Pete Harris. You can tell when we brought real designers in.





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