Ben Werdmuller

  • Introducing Herebe

    I wrote a short novel about Silicon Valley, startups, and, well, dragons. It’s a little different to the kind of thing I normally share here, but bear with me. From a review on Amazon UK: What happens when dragons appear over California? And why are they appearing? And how can our hero use them to […]

  • What is idno?

    I wrote a post over at about idno, the open source publishing tool I’ve been building: You may know that I co-founded Elgg, the open source social networking engine, which is used by the likes of Oxfam, NASA, the World Bank and several national governments as a social intranet and learning platform. The original […]

  • Decentralized comments and the IndieWeb

    I just stumbled on this old thread by Marc Canter and Stephen Downes (emphasis mine): I think that so long as we leave content on other people’s sites (or in their in-boxes) we will have the dual problems of spam and host lock-in. The primary use of OpenID should not simply be identification, but also, […]

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