Ben Werdmuller

  • Owning your data is cool – but having your own awesome site is cooler

    This post was originally published over on, my idno-powered site, where I’m hosting all of my new posts and social media updates. There’s been a lot of news stories lately about how technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo! may or may not be giving your data to the NSA. They deny it, […]

  • and idno

    I’m posting over at, a site I’ve set up based on my idno software. I wrote a short technical introduction to the platform: idno is a personal attempt at building a publishing platform that adheres to IndieWeb principles: own your own data, publish on your own site, use existing social websites for dissemination but […]

  • Respectful software

    I’m using the term respectful software to describe software products and services that: Maintain your ownership and control over your data. Allow you to export anything you’ve entered or imported into it. Allow you to extend their functionality with other software, without having to ask them or their developers for permission. Don’t sell your information […]

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