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  • Startups and growth

    Y Combinator founder Paul Graham’s essays are invaluable if you want to be a part of the startup ecosystem. His latest, Startup = Growth, is required reading, and defines, once and for all, the difference between a “startup” and a “new business”: A startup is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does […]

  • 10 rules for startups

    The user isn’t the product being sold. The user is the customer. Startups become big by empowering their customers with great products and services that allow them to do things that were previously difficult or impossible. A company is a group of people with a shared goal. Everyone deserves a chance to make progress on […]

  • Bootstraps

    In the comments to this 37signals blog post (which is excellent), dhh and commenter Dave Christiansen collaboratively coined a term for startup companies that aim to go into the black as soon as possible and grow under their own steam: bootstraps. I’m in love with this. Bootstraps give entrepreneurs full control over their businesses, without […]

  • Spire Magazine: a teenage (mis)adventure

    I wrote a piece over on Google+ about Spire Magazine, my first real Internet project: I became the editor and publisher, roping in our friends with the promise that they could get free games if they reviewed them. We considered static text files or the web, but decided that neither had the possibilities for layout […]