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  • Why you should not build an open source startup

    Teambox’s post about why you should build an open source startup is doing the rounds right now. It’s a great piece, but I thought I’d reply with a few reasons why you might want to think long and hard about it: Free (as in speech) software has an accounting value of $0. Professional services typically […]

  • “Basecamp was done almost entirely without risk.”

    I really like this quote from 37 signals: Basecamp was done almost entirely without risk. It was completely self-funded. We treated it as a side-product and a side-project until it could pay the bills. And only then did we make it the main focus of the company. I absolutely hate risk. I think it’s a […]

  • Confessions of an entrepreneur’s wife

    This article is long, but worth reading to the end: He came home and lay on the couch for a week, confused and a little lost. With the long overdue luxury of time and hindsight (and bed rest dictated by a bad case of bronchitis), he analyzed the past year’s activity. He believed that the […]

  • Build what you know

    I wrote a piece for 24 Ways To Start, the entrepreneur’s advent calendar: The web isn’t just a platform; nor is it a market. It’s a movement. Think of the success stories of the past five years: Twitter, Facebook, Google, GroupOn. Twitter and Facebook changed the way people communicate and made social networking mainstream (Mark […]