Tag: contextual identity

  • The Facebook Timeline in the New York Times

    I’m quoted in the New York Times article about the global release of the Facebook Timeline: “We’ve all been dropping status updates and photos into a void,” said Ben Werdmuller, the chief technology officer at Latakoo, a video service. “We knew we were sharing this much, of course, but it’s weird to realize they’ve been […]

  • Identity progressives and identity conservatives

    4chan‘s moot, aka Chris Poole, stood up at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday and painted a more complex picture of identity: “The portrait of identity online is often painted in black and white,” Poole said. “Who you are online is who you are offline.” […] But human identity doesn’t work like that online or offline. […]

  • The Facebook Timeline is the nearest thing I’ve seen to a digital identity (and it’s creepy as hell)

    As an application developer, I have advance access to the Facebook Timeline that Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday. Here it is: At first glance, it’s a rather beautiful replacement for the social media profiles we’ve been using since forever. Rather than simply listing your latest content, the timeline allows any visitor to browse your life, literally […]