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  • The IndieWeb as a minimum viable social web ecosystem

    I wrote a post as a submission for the W3C’s upcoming Workshop on Social Standards: The Future of Business. Although there have been significant advances in the field over the last five years, there remains a need to prove the business value of decentralized web technologies. There are so many opportunities for companies online that […]

  • Profile: a serialized novel for email, web, Kindle and ePub

    This is an excerpt from a new kind of project for me. Profile is a serial thriller about identity, the Internet and what happens when we trust companies to tell us what is and isn’t true. I’m going to treat the whole process – from writing through promotion – like a lean startup; more on […]

  • The open web is dead. Get over it and do something.

    Yesterday, I joined the Post-PC era by upgrading my iPad to iOS 5. Yes, the upgrade process wiped all of my applications and data, but once I’d put everything back together again, the result was a faster, more streamlined device that works much better than it did with iOS 4. I use my iPad for […]

  • Facebook has no need for deleting data

    Niall Kennedy has written an interesting post about Facebook’s data storage. They’ve written a proprietary filesystem to store photos in order to cut costs (up to now they’ve apparently been adding a $2 million NetApp storage system every week). It turns out they’ve decided they don’t need all the features you’d find in a traditional […]