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  • Building the user-centered web

    The following post contains my notes for a talk I gave at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University on June 25, 2009. What is a social network? I would like to reclaim some language: Social is an adjective that means relating to human society and its members. A network is an interconnected […]

  • Opera Unite: divided

    Following on from my post yesterday on Opera’s new web-server-in-a-browser product, Chris Messina has written a pretty scathing, in-depth critique that also happens to be very smart and on the money. The Financial Times Techblog has an equally skeptical post but misses the point a bit. In summary: Opera Unite uses the buzzwords of openness, […]

  • Opera Unite: a great idea, wrong center

    Opera just released Opera Unite, a version of their web browser that also contains a built-in web server. As Harry McCracken explains over at Technologizer: While it’s impossible to judge at this early date whether it’ll “forever change the fundamental fabric of the Web” as Opera promised, it’s a very big idea. Web browsers have […]

  • Social networking: beyond the silo

    The rise of social networking Monetization vs. collaboration The open web Fluid collaboration The rise of social networking Social forces have been the driving force behind application innovation on the web. Whereas previously we might have looked to advances in computer science for new directions, now some of the most dramatically impactful applications are lightweight, […]