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  • Spire Magazine: a teenage (mis)adventure

    I wrote a piece over on Google+ about Spire Magazine, my first real Internet project: I became the editor and publisher, roping in our friends with the promise that they could get free games if they reviewed them. We considered static text files or the web, but decided that neither had the possibilities for layout […]

  • “Basecamp was done almost entirely without risk.”

    I really like this quote from 37 signals: Basecamp was done almost entirely without risk. It was completely self-funded. We treated it as a side-product and a side-project until it could pay the bills. And only then did we make it the main focus of the company. I absolutely hate risk. I think it’s a […]

  • Some things to consider if you’re deciding whether to be a tech entrepreneur

    I was taken by Status.net founder Evan Promodou’s post the other day: Hackers make things; entrepreneurs make things that make things. This is a pretty succinct explanation of the difference between an entrepreneur and a hacker, and, I must confess, not one I fully understood when we originally set out to build Elgg. (It was […]

  • Launch48 Edinburgh: an inspiring start

    I was invited to attend Launch48 Edinburgh as both a speaker and a mentor, and can’t imagine a more inspiring way to spend a weekend. My talk – on creating a startup from scratch with no budget and a two-person team, and the lessons I’ve taken away from that experience – was recorded, and I’ll […]