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  • The Facebook Timeline is the nearest thing I’ve seen to a digital identity (and it’s creepy as hell)

    As an application developer, I have advance access to the Facebook Timeline that Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday. Here it is: At first glance, it’s a rather beautiful replacement for the social media profiles we’ve been using since forever. Rather than simply listing your latest content, the timeline allows any visitor to browse your life, literally […]

  • Facebook location vs the ACLU

    A lot has been said about Facebook’s new location feature, which is available via its iPhone client or HTML5 mobile web app. It’s a shrewd move, to be sure, and by now it’s clear that the company has ambitions to be the next decade’s tech behemoth. While Microsoft has a grip over stand-alone computing, Apple […]

  • Music!

    My sister is a singer-songwriter. Her songs are great, and you can find them in the usual locations: MySpace Music, Last.fm and Facebook. Interestingly, though, she’s decided there are different purposes to each: Her Last.fm page contains more polished recordings. Facebook has those too, but also contains more rough-and-ready demos, ideas and experiments; it’s also […]

  • Public IT project hell: let’s make government work for us

    Why does it cost $235 million to integrate a few IT systems? Johannes Ernst contrasts the Yahoo/Facebook deep integration announcement with the US government’s announcement that they will spend $235 million on integrating incompatible healthcare IT systems, and asks some pertinent questions: I assume we all agree that an environment in which leading-edge companies innovate […]