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  • Imagine this: identity computing

    I originally wrote this over on Google+. I’m sat at my laptop, which has a monitor attached via a digital connection. On the other side of my desk is my phone, and a tablet. That’s the setup I actually have right now, as I’m writing this. But all these devices (monitor aside) are connected to […]

  • Why can’t I …

    … Embed a discussion forum in a blog post? … Stick games in an RSS feed and have them be playable in Google Reader? … Post an encyclopedia to Pinterest? … Bookmark a scene in a video? … Move my profile to another site or domain name without breaking everything? … Create a slideshow of […]

  • Profile: a serialized novel for email, web, Kindle and ePub

    This is an excerpt from a new kind of project for me. Profile is a serial thriller about identity, the Internet and what happens when we trust companies to tell us what is and isn’t true. I’m going to treat the whole process – from writing through promotion – like a lean startup; more on […]

  • Identity is the operating system

    I’ve got a phone number: +1 (312) 488-9373. Feel free to call or text it. If I’m walking around, you’ll get me on my Samsung Galaxy S II. If I’m in transit (but not driving), you’ll probably get me on my iPad. If I’m at my desk, I’ll answer and take the whole call through […]