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  • Twitter Bootstrap is rocking my world

    We’re working on a new feature for latakoo, which will allow you to create your own niche video-sharing networks. Cool, right? What’s even cooler is that the interface is based on Bootstrap 2, a UI framework for Twitter. We’re using it as a bedrock so that the page adapts to the form factor of the […]

  • Using bandwidth effectively

    I wrote a post over on the latakoo blog about using bandwidth resources judiciously: Too many apps and services treat bandwidth as an unconstrained, ubiquitous resource. We think that’s wrong, for a number of reasons. So early on in latakoo’s development, we decided to compress video before sending it to the cloud. We harnessed the […]

  • Introducing the latakoo iPhone app

    We launched our iPhone app today. By compressing your video before you upload it to the web, latakoo Flight Mobile makes it easier to send high-definition video from your iPhone over a cellular connection. And because it’s latakoo, your video is private, sharable, and beautiful. Here’s the official press release.

  • Private, easy, affordable enterprise video management. Hi.

    We spent a lot of time testing the upcoming latakoo iPhone app today. It’s neat: you record video footage using the app of your choice, then click into the latakoo app to send it. Optionally enter a description, tags, destination groups and anyone you want to send it directly to, and the app shrinks the […]