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  • Charging for software in the age of web apps

    Google was an advertising company. Back in 2005, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber described Google’s business as follows: Judged by their profits, Google is an advertising company. They don’t profit from search, they don’t profit from software. They profit by selling ads. This isn’t to belittle them — I think Google is a terrific company, and […]

  • Danger in the cloud: a proposal

    In response to recent events, I’d like to propose a different kind of web service that overcomes the privacy and reliability issues with cloud web applications, while providing a solid business model for both application developers and service providers, as well as a seamless, easy-to-use experience for end users. The T-Mobile storm Over the weekend […]

  • Microsoft Web Applications 2010 bring the cloud to the enterprise

    In advance of the announcement later today, I Started Something have uncovered videos about the new Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Office turns to the web As anticipated, Office 2010 includes web-based versions of applications contained in the suite. These don’t have the complete feature set, but are designed so that company employees can create and […]

  • A projector inside your cellphone

    TI sees projectors as popular as cell cameras. And they may well be right. The cellphone really is turning into the ‘portable multimedia computer’ that Nokia always talks about: an Internet connected device that allows you to download and play content, as well as record voice, video, photographs and documents and send them back into […]