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  • Changing the game for artists

    Contrary to what you may have heard, the web creates all kinds of new opportunities for artists – as long as they choose to engage with their fans and markets. Making money is about business, after all, but the positive thing about choosing to engage yourself is that you get to decide where the line […]

  • Ani DiFranco’s crowdsourced video for “Which Side Are You On?”

    It’s nice to see my favorite musician embrace social media a little more: Here she is on Twitter and Facebook. I came to the project late, and I’m not sure how the photos were contributed; there’s a site at whichside.net, but it’s not hugely inspiring. Nonetheless, the song is, and it’s a great start.

  • Hannah’s album, and why Bandcamp is awesome

    Hannah, my sister, set up shop on Bandcamp this afternoon in order to sell her album, Pre-Apocalyptic Love Song. I set up hannahwerdmuller.com for her and put together a simple header graphic based on something she drew a while ago – and in the process, totally fell in love with Bandcamp. This is how a […]

  • Music!

    My sister is a singer-songwriter. Her songs are great, and you can find them in the usual locations: MySpace Music, Last.fm and Facebook. Interestingly, though, she’s decided there are different purposes to each: Her Last.fm page contains more polished recordings. Facebook has those too, but also contains more rough-and-ready demos, ideas and experiments; it’s also […]