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  • latakoo NBC deal in the news

    Our deal with NBC made the headlines over at TechCrunch: According to Werdmuller, the company has seen wide usage across broadcasters in the U.S. and Mexico. He mentions that one customer, Nexstar Broadcasting, which runs 55 TV stations in the U.S., is now seeing a 5x to 8x return on its investment. For many broadcasters […]

  • Video technology is hard; latakoo is simple

    Video technology is still underdeveloped on the web. Over at latakoo, we’ve just started a technology blog to talk about what we’re doing: We’re proud of what we’ve built. Yesterday, someone sent a 2gb HD video file from Myanmar over satellite phone in nine minutes. At TechCrunch Disrupt last September, a visitor to our stand […]

  • Check out our entry for the Knight News Challenge!

    We’re a part of the Knight News Challenge: 1. What do you propose to do? Speed up, simplify, economical sending and sharing of large video files from anywhere to aid journalists and others. 2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? Slow or expensive methods of video delivery exist, […]

  • latakoo in TechCrunch

    latakoo’s in TechCrunch today: Jon Orlin, who runs TechCrunch TV, was initially a skeptic. But he did some beta and real world testing and was very impressed. Orlin says “Latakoo solves a real problem for us. We recently had some large HD video files shot for our Keen On show in Aspen. Andrew Keen was […]