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  • People in tech: some women who have influenced me

    It’s Ada Lovelace Day today; an opportunity to “share your story about a woman — whether an engineer, a scientist, a technologist or mathematician — who has inspired you to become who you are today.” There are so many technologists who I admire that happen to be women. But there’s only one person this post […]

  • Uncreative thinking for such a creative industry

    I wrote a post – okay, a rant – over on Google+ about sexism in the software industry: Tim O’Reilly had to post a code of conduct for his conferences, which made immediate waves. (Quite a few of the women I know who aren’t in the tech sphere shared it with me.) I’ve heard accounts […]

  • Gender differences on the new frontier

    It’s a commonly accepted fact that computing is a male-dominated industry, but I was shocked by the scale of the inequality. Okay, this is kind of unscientific, but take a look at these statistics: Female population of the world: 49.8% Female population of Facebook: 55% Female population of social networks as a whole: 54.7% Percentage […]