An introduction to Activity Streams

June 22, 2010 | Leave a comment

I’ve written an introduction to the Activity Streams standard for IBM DeveloperWorks:

Enter Activity Streams, an evolving standard that extends Atom for expressing social objects. Although it is a young standard, Activity Streams is fast becoming the de facto method for syndicating activity between web applications. For example, MySpace, Facebook, and TypePad all now produce Activity Streams XML feeds. But this technology isn’t just for the consumer web environment. As corporate intranets and internal software become more social, solid business reasons support implementing Activity Streams as a feature. This article describes Activity Streams in detail, considers its potential uses in enterprise environments, and provides some examples for interpreting Activity Streams feeds using PHP.

The full article is over here.

Writing in Oxford?

September 28, 2009 | 28 comments

Just a quick note: I’m starting an Oxford writers group.

My idea is that participants will be able to upload their work to a closed online space, so that it can be read and commented on in a more natural reading environment. Of course, if people want, they can also read their work aloud at meetings, which will be held regularly. If it works, I’ll expand the infrastructure so it can be used by local writers groups elsewhere.

The preliminary meeting, which will help determine the size and scope of the group, will take place this Wednesday, September 30th, at the Gardener’s Arms pub on Plantation Road in Oxford at 8pm. See you there?

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